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A Welcome Note from Anica

Welcome! May this be the first hello of many that we share. My name is Anica Bintarilo ta Colinion. I am a human from another planet that circles another sun. If that sounds outlandish, perhaps it is, but it is, nonetheless, true and not of some fantasy of the one who writes these words on my behalf. I am quite real, and so are the many others with whom I live and breathe. As real as you am I. If you can go with that thought, we can continue into the content of my message for you. If you need a moment to reposition yourself in light of the reality of other humans communicating with you, please take your time. I am ready when you are.

The coming weeks and months will be full of challenges. Life on Earth is always full of challenges, so that is nothing new. What is new, however, is a way to interpret your reality in accord with the transformation of consciousness that is current. There are many ways of looking at things, and the time is ripe for the introduction of the science of Nine.

That’s where I come in. I act as a lens, an interpreter of energies, through which is focused the knowledge and understanding of the numbers of creation and how to navigate by them. I am of a lineage of navigators and writers, as is my scribe. It is natural to bring this knowledge to you in this way. The web site is the cradle for the knowledge, as the sharing is in its infancy. I encourage you to bond with it, as it will grow in scope and volume.

I will transmit the knowledge of Nine as it has been kept through the words of the historians of the Wise Way. Be there any doubt, let me be heard: The science of Nine is the science of love, joy, and what you might call grace. There is no place for fear in its perfected form. It is a way of peace, yet it is dynamic and alive. I welcome you to the pages and portals of the web site and invite you to feel at home.

Thank you for sharing your awareness with me these few moments. I am always available for those who wish to know more, on a personal level, as a more holographic way of integrating the knowledge of Nine into your experience. Other teachings will also be made available for deeper study, and I have much more to add to the information already posted. We are keeping our scribe and web-spinner quite busy, so please share a bit of support, even if it’s to wish her well.

Enjoy the transformation!

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