Not for the Simple Notion of Peace, but for the Knowing

Do you want to really know peace, people of Earth? Look within and take note of where it can be known in your heart. Then you will be able to know how to see it in the world around you, as a reality rather than a hope. This is our message to you today.

We are, as a collective of people from various points of origin in the cosmic neighborhood you know as the Milky Way galaxy, poised to make your direct acquaintance. We have waited for a very long time, and now we see that perhaps, if you can take the initiative, the hour is finally at hand for us to come into your reality in a knowable way. What do we mean, to take the initiative? That you create an atmosphere free from turbulent war, free from pain, from ignorance, and from regret. That you prepare your hearts to transform, and release hidden pockets of fear. This does not mean to forget who you are or where you have been, but only to recognize that the tethers binding you to the path you have followed can be released without losing your way.

A portal awaits. It is up to each of you to ready yourself for the transformation that awaits. We are here to help. Be brave, our brothers and sisters, as you face your own personal integration with the divine self and a greater reality. Know that the planet supports you and changes with you. In no time at all, we will be celebrating together!

In peace, with love,


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