Name Your Dream

If you are wondering whether or not the current speed of change is going to change anytime soon, the answer is yes. It’s going to get faster. At least, it will seem to. You are approaching the crossing point where time and space collapse on each other and re-emerge as another thing altogether. You are focused on time so much that you don’t even realize how much of your lives are affected by it. “But how will I survive even more change?” you ask quizzically. “I can barely remain grounded as it is.” You all are thinking this on some level, aren’t you? Doesn’t the thought in some form cross the screen of your conscious awareness from time to time during your busy days? As you watch the world in transformation, remember this: Only what you find within the moment as it exists before you is what you carry with you into the next moment. If you focus on the possibility of destruction, you might be looking at the lion’s gaping jaws next moment. You all have a personal set of lion’s jaws around, don’t you? Phone calls you avoid, fears you don’t want to confront, mortgage payments looming. What if you chose, in one minute, to acknowledge that the doom is present, and put it aside. Now take another look and see if you can find hope. Even the faintest glimmer can grow strong enough to change everything. And that can be in an instant. One minute you’re looking at a fearsome set of teeth. The next you’re stroking a kitten. Make your choice and enter the moment with all it brings. Look at the bigger picture, the one which you all share as a family portrait, and operate from a risen perspective. You are guardians of a dream, and you have only to discover what it is to make it into your collective reality. First, you have to get your heads together on a common point of agreement. You have to agree on one thing. You have to want to Be.

It isn’t necessary to use the kind of judgement you would if you were living in a world of equality of support. You were exposed to enough of the world’s troubles when you were first becoming aware of your ignorance. Now you can see what has been hidden in front of your eyes for so long. Now you can give the nod to your inner child that you are all right and on the right track. Then go forward towards you heart’s perfection in incarnation. You were meant to be here. You are here. And now you deserve the chance to Be, unhindered by any kind of overlords, governments, or dictatorships of blood. You can be. Are you ready to simply be? Ideas abound on what that means. We are not talking about reverting to territorial tribalism, or stone-age subsistence farming. We are talking about you being with regard to your will to Be rather than with regard to what you think you’re being. Find it inside your heart, what it means to Be. Strip away all the methodologies of thought and structures of belief around the simple (or not so simple) concept of Beingness. You may find that the concepts of survival, dependence, and death merely dissolve in the process. Can you do without them? Can you transcend the duality of their necessity? In your world, these things are necessary. In our world, they are irrelevant. If you can imagine what that is like, you are entering into the realm of divinity. Are you ready for that? Perhaps for now it is enough that you simply ponder the possibilities. You are so close to inner coherence as a global consciousness. The waves of resonance emanating from your body, the Earth, are becoming more coherent, more stable, and more harmonically potent. You have nearly reached the level of resonance at which your reality will shatter and you find yourself in a world of light and frequency, a sea of modulation, an atmosphere of possibility and truth. It is somewhat akin to realizing what freedom is at its essence, and that is something to let your consciousness become aware of, too. Is it necessary to have freedom, or is it merely another flavor of reality? Is it necessary to be free, or do you really just want to Be? Does not beingness itself imply freedom’s essential participation? Now you are beginning to taste the bitterness of your entrapment in the illusion of enslavement. It need not be the only flavor of reality you savor. The sweetness of liberation is available to you, as well. You are breaking the bonds of that reality and beginning to become aware of the reality of which freedom is an essential quality, in which freedom is merely the norm, in which you are aware of your true nature as divinity incarnate. Does this frighten you? Have you ever thought that perhaps the fear you fear the most is not some outer all-powerful god, but your inner divine nature in ignorance of its power to Be? Some of you are looking over your shoulder for lightning bolts to come hurtling at you, I know. However, if you created a child, would you not rejoice at that child’s realization that he is an independent person with a good heart and loving intent? You would not want that child to remain in ignorance of his or her true nature. Why, then, would you want to deprive the source of your being of the joy of engaging in your conscious awareness of your own true nature? Are you able to consider that perhaps you are, after all, something more than a mass of biochemical processes, that you have a good heart, and that you have loving intent? If you are, then perhaps you can extend that understanding to encompass not only you as an individual emanation of I AM, but to embrace the planetary consciousness of humanity coming to realize that it is one complete organism becoming aware of itself as an independent being, with a heart and intent that mirror the state of the individuals within it.

You are in the process of becoming a more harmonious planetary being. You have witnessed a lot of nonsense emerging from the collective consciousness lately, and a lot of truth becoming more evident. As you clear your hearts of the remnants of degradation and the illusion continues to dissolve into a new reality, what do you focus your intention on? Nightmares aside, what do you dream for the world to be? Let that become your focus, and then get out of your own way. Home is closer than you think.

2 thoughts on “Name Your Dream

  1. Exactly the words I needed to see and hear as I position myself in the dreams and thoughts guiding me now: “What if you chose, in one minute, to acknowledge that the doom is present, and put it aside. Now take another look and see if you can find hope. Even the faintest glimmer can grow strong enough to change everything. And that can be in an instant. … Make your choice and enter the moment with all it brings.”

    It is not so hard to settle on a perspective once you realize their is a choice.

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