Archive | July 2010

How Much Will It Take?

When we last spoke, the world you live in was imperfect in many respects. Now, in the time of imminent catastrophe and corporate misbehavior, it probably seems much more imperfect. One thing is for certain, and that is that none of the worst-case scenarios you have feared will come to pass. The planet will not die. Many people die every day on your world, but the human race, despite the toxic soup you are swimming in, still lives. The future is full of light, if you know how to look for it. Before long, you will know that the tides have shifted and the light, in the form of a greater consciousness among all people, will be in full evidence. Before long, you will know. For now, my dear ones I can only ask you to be conscious of a greater light of awareness in your own lives. What you do within yourselves has everything to do with what becomes on a planetary level.

Putting the present ecological situation in perspective puts the inner workings of your collective shadow front and center in your collective awareness. Let’s take a closer look at that and find a parallel between the two. Please understand that in the history of your planet, there have been other situations from which there has seemed to be no apparent practical escape. This sort of thing has happened before in different guises, and the results have varied according to the strategies applied for coping with them. While most of the practical outcomes have been, for the most part, disappointing, as you look back in time, the human race has survived.

This time, you have a world at the brink of a massive awakening to full consciousness — using that part of your DNA which for eons has lain dormant. What you do will be powerful and transformational. There is no need to get upset or drawn into the drama, to worry about justice coming to those who have maintained impotent silence while the oil churns. Put drama out of the picture and turn your attention and energies instead on what will really make things change: your heart. The greatest power in the world is in the human heart. Use it to change what you see before you into what you envision within. Each individual heart carries great potential to manifest reality. Every person on the planet owns that power. None can deny it but many attempt to usurp it. When you allow fear and hatred to influence the direction of your heart’s desire, you abdicate your power and sabotage the fullness of expression of which the human race is promised by its collective soul. When you seize your fear by its roots and tear it out, when you look past personal bitterness to see the divine nature struggling to express itself from within the shattered mind bent by greed, bloodlust, and the constraints of bondage to illusion — then, my dear ones, you fulfill part of the urge humanity feels at this time to be free to become new beings living in a reality in harmony with the underlying perfection of nature, which is love.

Are you willing, you who are reading these words, to come to peace with your brokenness and give yourself the gift of healing? Are you ready to integrate the shattered pieces of your experience on this world and accept a hug of gratitude from the wounded child within? Can you summon the courage, finally, to say “Enough is enough” and step back from the drama of fear into the reality of inner knowing that assures your mind that life will live, love will be, that peace will settle where chaos has churned up the dark depths of the human soul? If you can, dear one, you will know what true power feels like. I encourage you to take the first step towards that world before your heart succumbs to the dead weight of fear so many of you have taken on. Look with care, for it takes on many guises. You will know it when you feel the weight of the world upon you. That is a moment at which your heart beckons you home.