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The Light: A Video Message from Anica, Pleiadian

Full transcript at https://anicasnotebook.wordpress.com/2014/07/13/the-light/


Fearlessness of the Demonic

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This is the transcript of an audio channeling from Anica, which is part of a series of teachings from Nine through the League of Light. The series is called “Behind the Sun.” This is the first of that series. You can listen to or download the MP3 or watch a video version of this teaching.

Dear ones, this is Anica speaking with you today. I come from far away in time and space to meet with you now. Wherever we are, together in this moment, we are meeting.

In this moment, I have one thing to bring to your attention, as the days are grinding into a new form in which time will take less of a battering from the activity in your world and will become more of a conduit through which you will pass from chaos into a new world, one that is without the structures and limitations, the clouds and the darkness that have overshadowed with greater increasing presence on your psyche in the past lifetimes, as you have known it. Where are you going now, people of Earth? You are on your way already, and you have made decisions that have employed various methods of expression, physical, quite audible whispers from your soul into a night that seems empty but for some bit of an ear to hear you… your wishes. Know that you are heard, even in your silence. The vibrations from your heart, the emanations from your mind are heard and impact the matrix of reality in which you are encased. They impact a greater reality than the planet on which you live and act. And as you have been acting on behalf of the planet’s welfare, on behalf of the life of humanity, you have been giving your essence and your energies into building something new, as that which has existed has ceased to serve the greater part of humanity. And the lesser part of humanity which has reaped the cream from the top: it is time for there to be a change. It is inevitable, as surely as the stars shine, dear ones.

There is that which is steadfast, which you know in your hearts: the love from which you come, the vibration deep inside of you that connects you to each other, to the knowingness of what it is you must do as you act and speak and share your energies together. There is that which is more transient, that which is seemingly ephemeral, and in cosmic terms, dear ones, power-mongering is but a phase in the evolution of the soul of a people, and it inevitably leads to choices being made on the part of the power mongers. There’s a secret that they have not yet discovered, but which awaits them if they choose to evolve toward the direction of a greater understanding of universal harmonics, and the higher frequencies and reverberations, the resonances of the heart of what you may call the essence of OM. And that is a surrender to a greater light which shines within each one. Though it be cloaked and shrouded in darkness, yet there is a light that is shining within the most unlikely of forms.

If you cannot discern even the tiniest spark, know that there are eyes which can. Develop it in yourself to train your vision to see a reflection from a distant candle in the darker corners of the souls before you who wield the power to crush, to subvert, to annihilate the hope of so many who gather day by day into a greater understanding that peace is needed, and that with the passage of time, you will be seeding power from which there is only one choice, which is to serve those who would otherwise be crushed. In gathering to benefit the Earth, to benefit the greater humanity, you are flipping the switches, which power allows you to do. As you do, those in power will find the secret which you have been hiding in plain sight: Service, healing, support, being of benefit to those around you to whom you are related. Even if it’s not by blood, you are related by a common humanity.

Before you question whether or not there is a point to seeing something redeemable within the souls of a demonic, dark aspect of a human or humanoid form, see if you can access the truths that are without the tethers connecting them to personality and temporal placement within historical context. See if you can access the truth that emanates through everything, which is its essence of being without labels, definitions, past or future, That Which Exists. You have the right to understand. In the essence of truth which is within everything, which has a specific vibratory signature which is recognizable by a life form, you’ll find that everything around you and within you is quite divine. Are you willing to see that? Are you able to see that there is something divine even in the most demonic figure you can conjure up within your imagination? And can you look upon it without fear, recognizing within its twisted form its source in the desire to know, in the act of being which has come from the intelligence of self-reflection without limitation? What do you choose to call this? Is it God? Is it OM? Is it the Universal Consciousness? Is it incapable of mastering its own darkness, I ask you? If it is truly the source of divinity, understanding, intelligence, if it is consciousness — period, without limitation — then it is capable of creating that which is abhorrent to a mind in fear.

Step out of fear and see there is nothing but divinity. It is a seemingly complex issue, but paradoxes often appear this way.

In this moment of juxtaposing divine and demonic, are you in fear? And if you are, do you know that you can step out of it? Do you understand that you can break the circle that fear has carved around you, and in one breath find yourself in a completely different place in relation to what you understand? It is possible. When you do, know that you are taking a step closer to this source, which you may call God, or OM, or Universal Consciousness, Great Spirit… so many beautiful names for that which is nameless, limitless, and without definition, but which is wholly understandable and attainable within fearlessness. Approach the possibilities and I daresay you will find yourself closer to a love which will surpass all of your understanding as it is in this moment, and bring you closer to who you have forgotten yourself to be.

Dwell in remembrance.

It is with great love and respect that I have brought you this message today. I will be bringing more messages in the coming times. Know that we of the League of Light are with you and we love you without limitation. You are most beloved, dear ones, each of you. It is with these words that I say “I bid you peace until we speak again.”

This is Anica of the League of Light. I bid you peace.

Yesterday Is No More

alice at the door

Dear ones, you are at the doorway to a new reality. Are you ready to enter? Some of you have had sweaty hands on the doorknob for a long time, waiting for the lock to turn and the pressure of your combined intent to have the truth bursting the portal clear. Some of you have thought about it and decided that change would be good, as long as it doesn’t disrupt the flow of life too drastically. In yet others’ minds, the prospect of a total break with the current failed system of belief-turned-real is at the same time exciting and terrifying. Get on the roller coaster, folks, it’s gong to be a great ride into the new world of knowing who you are. You’ll thrill at the revelations of the ones who have been really taking you for a ride. More tricky curves are just ahead, so hang on to yourself and let go of everything else and you won’t have the hair-raising trouble you might otherwise have. It is a transition of reality we introduce to you today, a concept which is becoming more apparent to many of you now. Nothing is the same and nothing is going to remain the same for long. Yesterday is no more, except in the timeless realm of consciousness. Tomorrow has not yet become. Today is what you have, so take a deep breath and experience it.

If you have an expectation for failure, you will need to take a look at that and determine what is optional for onward movement toward your expectation for success. It is as simple as that, and you can move forward in your journey towards more perfect love and integration into wholeness in balance. What are your personal expectations of the life you’re currently living? Are they to achieve some standard of success? To gain wealth? To serve without question? Do you have an expectation about your work that hints that reward follows effort? This is a reasonable expectation, given the world you know. Do you have an expectation that things will get easier, on all levels, and that the understanding you have about your expectations in the physical world of experience will become more about what you expect as a spiritual experience? Settle on that expectation for a moment and savor its rich possibilities.

However you choose to relate to the reality that is fast establishing itself in your global organism, it is well to take a look at the reasons you have for embracing it. What shape it appears in it does not matter, and this is a good exercise to try on various scenarios, light and dark, nice and not-so-nice, one, or another. What are the reasons you have before you as to why you believe it is necessary to imagine such a scenario and what do you have to learn from meeting your soul there? If some part of your wholeness is stuck in such a place, you can easily bring it into integration merely by attending it. What is it you need to hear? Tell it to that part of you, and feel the understanding of reunion sink deep into your bones. Shatter your subversive belief structures by encountering your own consciousness playing a part, and decide if it is within your power to allow love to flow through you, to infuse your understanding with its secrets of oneness. This is to align yourself with the transformative power of Nine.

In truth, you have an infinitude of delight to expect in your future. It is now that you are facing the door, and there are realities waiting to share with you their wisdom before you enter into your next adventure. Listen, and appreciate what you learn. Let yourself be surprised at what you discover, and at what the power of alignment in Nine does to being in the moment. Now is the time to tell the lost aspects of yourself that it’s time to come home and rest in the knowingness of love’s renewal within and transformation without. Expect the best, dear ones, for that is what you are headed towards and there are no techniques for that but to follow the suggestions from your heart.

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