Dark Shadows from the Past Are Gone: Video

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This reading of a message from Anica, a Pleiadian in service to the League of Light, encourages us to look beyond the limitations of history and culture, and to extend our reach into a more galactic sense of self.

“Beyond the edges of memory lay vast fields grown wild with neglect. For longer than you can recall, the gates to the fields have been locked, the way to them forgotten, forbidden, empty but for spirits of the past. Many have tried to keep the memory of the fields alive; a fractured patchwork has survived, distilled into symbol and esoteric secrets. Some risen minds, of late, have gleaned anew the living sentience that has waited rediscovery. Long eons has the truth of your history been shrouded in shadow. The time has come for those shadows to dissipate, and in the liberated light of remembrance for all to recognize themselves in each other…”

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Dark Shadows from the Past Are Gone

Beyond the edges of memory lay vast fields grown wild with neglect. For longer than you can recall, the gates to the fields have been locked, the way to them forgotten, forbidden, empty but for spirits of the past. Many have tried to keep the memory of the fields alive; a fractured patchwork has survived, distilled into symbol and esoteric secrets. Some risen minds, of late, have gleaned anew the living sentience that has waited rediscovery. Long eons has the truth of your history been shrouded in shadow. The time has come for those shadows to dissipate, and in the liberated light of remembrance for all to recognize themselves in each other.

Somewhere within the long reaches of your lineage of soul is a spot where the shadows of forgetfulness took root. You feel some stirrings when you connect to certain of the world’s stories, myths, rituals. Those who have cast the triggers of memory in such unyielding forms preserved etheric maps to finding the way to certain locked gates. Such are to be preserved, if you are to know where particular secrets are hidden. However, no longer are you bound to the circuitous routes alone, for in rising light are rising energies to illuminate from within your understanding the secrets encoded therein. Dark shadows flee in the light of self, illuminated. The figures which cast them have only to share their tale, and be gone from the scene. Soon, you will understand more fully the scale of these words. For now, know that a rising light already has fear looking for a way out. Once that is gone, what then?

Shards of memory tantalize with the promise of remembrance. Soon, you will taste the satisfaction which you can now only piece together with your intellect and intuition. Until such a time, we offer a tale, a telling of history, that you can more homeward direct yourselves.

Shadows were never invited anywhere, but they always seemed to show up unannounced. Thus has it been, in the realms where light is a thing and energy compressed in resistance of its free passage. Never has this been so apparent on your world as it is now. Now, the shadows have taken form to the point at which they are losing their ability to hide. Soon, you will be able to grab them without fear of losing yourself to their realm of loveless, empty madness. The shadows of which I speak are not the playful bends of perspective vis-à-vis light’s source; rather, I speak of the fearful spectres which hide from that. There exist shadows which cannot bear the touch of light, which take on the weight of light’s nature without its polarity shifting. Such shadows lean upon the idea of the antithesis of light, yet such a thing is not capable of sustaining it in service to a misconstructed doctrine. The end result is that the shadows either gather in more of light’s inert nature, or they flee. You can help them make their decision to go, and maintain more light for your world. The time for making a choice is nearly upon you. You lack only a few pieces of understanding to move into the choice point fully capable of choosing from a clear perspective, unclouded by the obfuscation of lies and limited visibility. From there, you will be able to distinguish between the shadows and merely the effect of blocking your own light. You may be surprised at how often these two phenomena are confused.

The light, ever-present, shines without regard of who or what it shines upon. In truth, many shadows are born in such a way: An entity, standing with its back against the sun, sees only its shadow and thus believes itself to be unlovable. It cannot comprehend the absence of light to be caused by its own density, nor can it grasp how simple it could be to step laterally to shift its perception of reality. Of course, the further from the light source it is, the further it must move laterally to discern any difference. Those entities closer to the light source find subtle moves do the trick, but in truth it is all very relative within the matrix of what you know as three-dimensional space. Let it be understood that the metaphor is universally applicable.

Shadows abound in the world; so, too, do opportunities to adjust perspective in relation to one’s own experience and the source of illumination. How rich with potential, how promising of satisfying change, and how challenging this is to know. At the moment when the shadows are supplanted by light—made real by a mere slide from a comfortable roost—everything that had been known suddenly is no more. At that point, everything must be re-evaluated. History books would have to be re-written. The future would have to be re-assessed. Minds would have to change. So you see the challenge involved is as real as the opportunity. They are, in fact, one.

For eons of Earth time, what had been civilization was flourishing. There was some sense of order to structures of society and culture, which was a defining characteristic of that long-ago period of light and splendor. Few echoes survive in an easily recognizable state, however; decay takes its toll in many ways. Decay can also bring about the liberation of memory, as those structures of control likewise decay and disintegrate. At the point where the cracks in the structure become so great to maintain themselves, light will begin to pour through the breaches and those who yet sleep will awaken. The time is not so far off now. More are ready. More are rising.

What you have to remember now is the truth of who you are. You are not the projections of dark minds, nor are you the sum total of generations carefully engineered to fit into a master plan devoid of love and freedom. You are not the labels you wear or the thoughts you think within the chaos of conflicting bands of informational input. You are more than you have been allowed to dare dream, more than you can fully remember. Now, that changes. Once the barriers of memory are breached, nothing will ever be the same.

Here is something for you to consider: The changes you see now represent the trend of the future. The more you resist, the more you will have to clean up. When change fully comes, complacency meets dynamic turnarounds. Whatever you think you have figured out will be put to the test, tried, and either remain, purified and strengthened, or it will simply cease to be. The best way forward for you is to accept the truth of your divinity, your place among the family of interstellar humanity, and accord to yourselves the love which you have discerned to be missing from the population of humanity on this world. We suggest you begin with this, as it will greatly simplify what follows.

Remembrance is something which carries with it the transformative effect of re-integration. What you remember becomes a trigger. You can choose to detach yourself from what has been holding you back, as if you had snagged your sweater on a splinter. Unsnag yourself and move on. Thus, you free yourself from time; you grant yourself the free access to all that you have the natural right to experience with your whole self all in one piece. By smoothing out your energetic snags, you have free access to more possibilities. This Is one way to deal with a level of remembrance.

A more refined level of remembrance extends the tendrils of thought into the course of time as fluid streams of awareness. As fluid, awareness cannot become hooked onto splinters nor wounded by traumatic encounters with events on the temporal continuum. As you travel along the current of awareness, as you revivify remembrance of experiences you have had, seek the point within the moment in which you find forgiveness. Ultimately, as you decide to find that point, you will see that you must relax. As you relax, your awareness flows more freely. You can choose to understand or not. However, the experience will surely give you insight into finding a state where forgiveness opens experience so you can become more free in your intention and more mature in your understanding. This is not to condone perceived injustice but to be not bound by it.

This is relevant to remembrance, and to turning collective attention to a shared understanding of history. All is not what it seems on the surface of what passes for such understanding now. Some cracks are damaging the foundation of what has been presented as authoritative knowledge. That will soon become discarded completely, as it falls in the rising awareness. While it disintegrates, do what you can to unsnag yourselves, individually and collectively, from what remains of the lies, and become more fluid in your awareness. You won’t want to be stuck anywhere, nor left holding any grudges. Those will be of little use where you’re headed.

When the truth about who you are as a planetary population reaches the point of undeniability, your world will undergo rapid change. You will be confronted with challenging information, new perspectives, and radical shifts in reality. No more will you be able to hide within the comfort of what you had held as sacred. What truly is sacred will be right before you, to confront and to understand. We are present as planetary neighbors, to help the process of transformation into fully cognizant humans be as benign as it can be. We have long awaited and long have we fostered the arrival of your future selves as a moment of divine recognition. You are nearly there, as a global humanity. We are nearly there, as kin come to take part in the blossoming.

When the past and future meet, time will come to a new reckoning. No more will you count epochs according to wars, rulership, or primacy of cultural influence. All of these measures will culminate and close. Dynasties will give way to a new set of circumstance and time will be liberated from its orbit around the central point of phase. As it is, you define “now” as “point of reference.” Liberation of the consciousness shifts the point of reference to a continuum of understanding, so that the experience of now becomes phase-shifted into a new concept, enveloping and extending the core understanding. Time is about to end, as you know it. History, too. All you know is about to be phase-shifted.

We anticipate our reunion with you, as the coming changes bring our worlds again into contact. Much goes without saying, until time opens the free exploration of a greater reality that comes. Know that the machinery of time follows the movement of your conscious awakening; indeed they go hand in hand. You have come to the choice point, where the now that you all share asks for your complete attention. Give yourself permission to be free, to inherit the legacy of the truth, and to enter into an expanded understanding of who you are. Our arrival is imminent, and begins within the essential Now. It is up to you to position yourself within it, accordingly. We will meet you there, in peace, with love and respect, to give you the map that has been missing from view.

Whatever you choose, in regard to this communication, history is at the brink of collapse. Our friendship, our kinship, is very real. As time and history shift into a new field of perspective, this will become more apparent. In the meantime, in your now, know we await, that we greet you as kind, friends, and neighbors, and that you all are very much beloved. Be gentle with each other and with yourselves, and find your strength therein.

I am Anica, in service with the League of Light. I bid you peace.

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The Time of Your Great New Beginning Is Now


To say that you are without help in this time of change is to deny the truth of our existence. We of the lighted realms of life have far more to do in your world than to sit at the sideline and cheer you on as you work your way through the progressive levels of awakening yet before you. You who have been doing the hard work and those who have found their way along the energetic lines the pathmakers have cleared will hear some new information very soon about the help poised to present itself. Be aware of the movements toward clarity and follow the way well-lit that leads to the heart’s knowing. It is there that our voices arise with your own. It is there where you will recognize yourself and it is from there that you will take your new form as people of light. When you emerge from your planetary heart center, which is within every being of Earth, you will be as if transformed.

Some portray what is coming as catastrophic or at least world-changing. For some, the time of transformation may be thus. However, it is not necessarily to turn your world upside-down, nor to bring to ruin the lives of every sentient being on the planet. The days ahead, as you see them now, are fraught with uncertainty, yes, but what you cannot yet discern in the shadows where daylight has yet to reach with its bright rays is not yet a monster. As the time has not come for the future’s unveiling, it is impossible to say what, exactly, is lurking there. While you sense the impending fall of a great and powerful beast, do you not also sense the presence of benevolence, well-being, and community? Cohesion of intent to bring a great light into nascence? We of the League of Light feel this pulsation, we hear the heartbeat of new life within the womb of Earth’s sphere. As midwives we come with support and encouragement, as the temporal squeezing intensifies and you, the living beings of Earth’s sphere, come into the knowing that new life is about to make itself known. The creation of human consciousness in recognition of itself, the surrender to the OM of love’s omnipresent embrace, the recognition of the whole of who you have been in the totality of time, in the momentary interaction of one with another, this is the fertile ground from which life has gathered its light and now redefines itself, bringing you and all of humanity with it. What looms for you is not a catastrophic end, but a bold new beginning. Men and woman of light you are called, and thus you enter into a new dawn of history.

We do not mean to say, however, that all will be rosy and bright for all people. Some have come to experience contrition, denial, or engorgement in this life. For whatever reason they have chosen to be here now, they will not be denied the choice of experience. Love is available to all, in all forms, and however any beingness chooses to experience it is up to them. We will not interfere. You have the laxity of demand, however, to bend reality from within the matrix-frame of Earth in such a way that the greatest good, the most radical transformation, is experienced by the greatest number of people, for the greatest benefit of all. This we encourage you to do, if you are willing and able. It is the surest path to the best outcome in the biggest picture.

When will the long-anticipated events happen? This we will not answer. Your own choices determine the events on your timeline, and those things that are already chosen for the timeline of the collective will have to be a surprise. There is little that any one person can say with certainty that will indeed take place along the continuum of your people’s existence, for outcomes are only visible from points in time after their occurrence. Add to that the uncertainty that is part of having free will and unlimited potential, and prediction becomes a very risky business, indeed.

There are plenty of possible realities that you can enter into, on the other hand, and we can tell you something about that. What will you do with the information? It is the question any person of wisdom would ask before sharing time’s secrets. Knowledge is a potent thing. So I must say to you, think about what you want to experience next, and put this destination into your heart. Then realize that the way from where you are to where you want to be may not reveal itself all at one time. It is true, is it not, that you never know exactly what’s around the next corner? Thus it is, and to know all is to steal from yourself a treasure you have yet to discover, much less possess the value of.

As the days move on and you watch another page of the calendar turn, are you the same person you were just a short time ago? Have intervening months between then and now wrought a new visage upon the vehicle of your soul? Love is ever-present wherever the soul is involved and living in the world of light’s interplay with itself. What will you do when all of your expectations of life’s drama have been met? What will be left for you then? We tell you, what you do at that point is to change. It is the only thing left. You have probably felt this understanding moving closer to the forefront of your mind, and you may have become aware of watching yourself moving ever closer to that tipping point of transformation. It is happening to many to some degree of perceptibility and it is happening to the planet as a whole as well. The expectations of a people, the expectations of the biosphere itself, are readying the end of extenuation and thus change is inevitable. It is one thing to cope with personal change, and quite another to be aware of being part of a more universal wave of change.

Should you prepare for large-scale cataclysms or volatile outbursts of energies? Dearest kin, we point out that you have always been tangentially involved with the myriad cataclysms now raging across the planet, as you are part of her living body while you draw sustenance from it. Your life depends on her life. Are you ready to deal with your polluted atmosphere of thought to accelerate the processes of clearing, cleaning, and creating yourself anew? This is how the Earth enters into the transformation and how you can as well enter more fully into your own transformation. Do you need to be well-stocked before problems arise? You can always plan ahead, but when the time comes for all to change, having extra food on hand will only serve to bring momentary peace of mind. There are other factors to consider besides the matter of survival, which will become more clear as the dust settles.

We do not foresee, nor do we see from any other point in time’s linear perspective, that global chaos, mass panic, hardship, or suffering need to be part of the picture as the present moment unfolds into the future. There are some who would like that to be, but if you are anticipating light, peace, wisdom, freedom, and so on, that is very well what you will greet. Granted, some chaos is inevitable as your mind takes in the devastation of the dying aspect of the world. There will be some of that yet to witness while First Contact has its time in the news, knowledge of big secrets takes center stage, structures of belief shake, and masks fall. The time for this is at the threshold and soon things will shift. Already you see this happening, but the time for this to play out is short. While change is underway, as many sense now, fear need not be present within the hearts or minds of anyone with an eye fixed on Love. As a reality-maker, love does a much more satisfying job than does fear.

We know that many people speculate now about certain ritual patterns that foreshadow a dire new world at the entrance of the gate. Know that this will not be. You have already lived that reality vicariously through the act of surrendering to it in thought. Thus it has played itself out and you have survived. You have no need to relive old mythologies nor to heed the pronouncements of doomsayers. You can see the threats already, and while you may not yet have the power to determine the outcome of some experiments and programs, you do possess the technology to rewrite the system software, so to speak, so that activities designed to prolong and intensify the subjugation and suffering of any being will result in empowering, benefiting, and uplifting all, instead.

How you go about this is a matter of joining the sentient biosphere of the planet in releasing decay, turning what you have accumulated as yesterday’s remnants into fertile ground for a new crop of dreams, entering the depths of self-knowledge, and breathing life into the system parameters. Call for the interconnection of light to coalesce into the steady, resonant heartbeat of a greater system in which self-sustaining, mutually supportive love forms the basis for vibrant, living communities. Are you ready for that kind of outcome, dear kin? You are free to release the thoughtforms that entrap the spirit in lock-step toward oblivion. Indeed, there is little we can do while the collective mind still entertains fantasies of enslavement and technological nightmares-come-true. We won’t contradict the will of a sovereign people, but we will remind you of your options, lest you forget how to create an alternative door for yourselves. Sweep the way clear within and you will find it.

I leave you now in peace and with thoughts lit with power and bright hope. May my words find a fertile place in your heart from which to grow in the fullness of peace, wisdom, and brotherhood. Until next time, this is Anica of the League of Light. I bid you peace.

The Light


Whatever the time, the plan remains. We are now, as we have been for the length of your time on Earth, awaiting a certain locality of fact to arise from within the collective of consciousness that signals your clear understanding of love. We are not waiting until the totality of people get it; just enough is sufficient for us to embark on the next phase of what has had your hopes and dreams enveloped within its very essence for eons of time. What headed your way in the far-distant past returns now to answer the questions that have been in the collective in increasing intensity: When will the drama of oppression end? Are we going to have any outside help in achieving world liberation from tyranny? Has the entire story of extraterrestrial help been a lie? These are the kind of questions that will all be answered with the return to Earth of those beings who created a lot of the ecosystems of your world, the return of those extraterrestrial beings who vowed to wait and watch, to love and to support until people of Earth reached the optimal ratio of awareness to initiate more direct interaction. That time, it appears, is about to come into view. We can only wait and watch for now but phase shift is begun. As it progresses, we will also come into view. For the moment, however, far more immediate concerns are in the close range of your attention. There are some things to watch, and as they are brought into the light, more of them will resolve.

Down through the ages as you have known time to be measured, there has been some long-awaited news announced in various templates of human culture. Your history is interwoven with legend and lies, some based on factual events and situations, some of it completely fabricated as part of a tapestry of illusion designed to deliberately deceive. Can you distinguish between the truth and the lie? More importantly, can you bring your vision into focus without the light-bending lens of belief? Sometimes, it is not so easy to do, but if ever there was a time to learn how to see without distortion of any kind, that time is now. You will be asked to faithfully give your knowledge-gathering skills over to the control of an outside agency, to forfeit your natural right to do and be your own person. How will you answer, dear ones? Just put aside any thoughts of faith, authority, and need, and see what remains. Do you require yourselves to be relieved of the burden of your mind? Do you require some outside apparatus of intelligence to think for you? The answer is clear for those whose eyes are open, but to the one who naps through transformation, the answer is perhaps not so clear.

Petals of a flower are a way of life for the bee. The envelope of nectar gives the bee information and purpose. Likewise, the functioning lobes of your mind are nectar-filled blossoms for the odd half-formed thought to be immersed in, so that the unique perfume of your soul experience can imbue it with life and purpose. Thus do you nurture the essence of thought and thus does your mind serve the fabric of reality in which half-formed thoughts are transformed into living creations of divine nature. Your mind is an integral part of that machinery of omnicreative divinity. We hope you can understand the magnitude of your impact upon the engine driving the reality of your world. It is nothing short of miraculous.

Now is the moment of collective blossoming of minds and hearts awake in the light of a new day. Are you being totally honest with yourselves when you say you are ready to find yourselves all together in that light? You do realize, do you not, that that light encompasses the totality of humanity, and that all will stand unmasked, including you? Those with whom you disagree, those whose philosophy of living incorporates some things you would term “abominable”? Make no doubt: When the light shines, it shines on all equally. It provides no quarter in which to deny any aspect of yourself which, in the world of shadows, you have grown adept at giving a false identity. Just as some part of you has known all along, there would come a time of unmasking. That time is now. It will come as a relief to all.

No one upon the planetary matrix is able to escape the love that emanates from the intelligent source of life that animates the whole of existence. All that is is within the enveloping thought of being of divine wholeness, and each fractalline emanation of living form within this universal thought-form is understood, known, loved as the natural incarnation of divine expression. There is nothing that exists within this wholeness that is not known by it; there is nothing outside the wholeness which is known from within it. The unknown, once understood, becomes part of the wholeness, and by its nature, transforms the wholeness into a greater ball of being than it was before. Thus does divinity play hide-and-seek with itself. You are part of this great game of existence, entered into by your own free will and limited in gameplay only by agreement to forget, temporarily, your connection with the source of divine knowingness.

Here is the main point I wish to make today, in this communication with the world of human consciousness on Earth: The nature of love is in your reality. Indeed, it is your reality, and in those pockets of experience which seem to utterly lack the nature of love, the players of the great divine game have chosen to forget their own true identity as divinity in temporary human form. Yet the totality of love cannot be bound by the confines of a wholeness outside of which divinity is also at play. Thus it remains to be discovered, known, understood by the universe which you know as All That Is. Do you see what that implies, dear souls? The integration of such an overwhelming understanding means the transformation of everything from knowing what it thinks it knows into a knowing of reality beyond which it can at this point imagine. The introduction of love which is yet to be understood is going to come with a big shock to the system which is now in the driver’s seat of the planetary ride. Though it will be for the whole of human consciousness a shock, it will not be destructive. Rather, it will revive the heart of a humanity which has for long eons slept under a spell of dark ignorance and will bring to life what has remained dormant in spite of one true fact: that humanity, no matter what you consider to be the source of its existence upon the face of the Earth, is divine in its very essence, and as such, it is able to be self-aware of its sacred nature. When the love beyond which the reality of your collective is able to comprehend comes within the limits of what you are collectively able to perceive, a change will be catalysed the likes of which none of any of us can predict. The presence of love brings with it life. It is something which many of you have prayed for in a million different ways. We are here to answer what you are ready to hear. A great love is alive just beyond the limits of your envelope of perception. When it makes itself known, everything will change.

Why do I bring such a message to your world? There are many who hope that the reality they see is not all that is, and many have grown weary of hope. We are aware of your struggles both internal and international, and we feel the life that is the collective of humanity on Earth. And we love you. This is why I come to you now, dear souls, to say that there is more to reality than you are able to see, and that love is so much more than many would have you believe. Be vigilant in maintaining your core integrity as forces of great change make themselves felt in the world. Remember who you are. You are not slaves, and you are not yet understanding the full range of your divinity. That is something that is moving through the collective consciousness now, as love begins to bleed through the far-away edges of the human organism. Let it move unimpeded when it arrives at your toes, knowing the time has come for masks to fall and pretense to be let go. You are in the process of global change which a greater intelligence than any human mind disconnected from divine identity is able to comprehend is guiding. We of the League of Light are here with you now as more of you come into the light of this glowing unknown, this new kind of love. It is something we are familiar with, and something you may wish to have some off-world kind of input about. Either way, it appears that the moment has come when the understanding of love modulates into a higher frequency range in the sphere of energetic thought patterns in the planetary consciousness. The matrix is shifting to accommodate new patterns of light, and that affects the human mind and heart. What is already underway will soon become the foundation for reality to settle into. What you sense as a shift will be known by all as transformation.

We have always loved you, even though we have not always been permitted to act in response to your suffering. We are able now to say more sanity is in the light than in the shadows, but it is in the shadows that the potential for true sane wholeness is catalysed. What is the catalyst, you would ask? The knowledge that beyond the edges of darkness is a light which brings the human soul home. The trust in the universality of love. The thought that outside the confines of a world held in the thrall of darkness’ blind spell is a wakening love and living light. These are the catalysts for the transformation from life to living, from seeking to divine knowing. You have the ability to traverse the space between and to release yourself from the bondage of belief’s limitations. Let in to your heart the light of home, which shines within your being and beyond the limit of thought.

We come.

The Truth of Living Is Life Itself

life is living

In one sense, the word “life” is understood to mean anything that lives and breathes and procreates, and this is held sacred. In another sense, it is taken as a signal of consciousness indwelling in a distinctly individual creature or organism, and is held to be inviolate. In other modes of understanding, it can refer to that which animates a creature, the meaningful energetics of a party or other social communal happening, or inseparable power of that which withstands the ravages of time, destruction, and death. All of these are arguably “life” and we agree that these terms meet the definition of the word to some extent. You are aware, if you meditate or otherwise tune into a greater one-definition of awareness, that there is more to the meaning of life than these simplistic renderings of thought and experience. Life is something in which living happens, in which creation is created, in which mathematics is computed, words are given form, and movement takes on the lightwave formulations of interactivity with divine intelligence. Are these also not life? It is the field in which all consciousness reverberates and it is the reverberation itself, and the manifestations of material agglomerates which inherently take form within that field and that reverberation. Life is inseparable from love, though that is a subject for further informational sharing at another time. For now, it is enough to see that what you call life exists beyond the existence you are aware of and beyond what you can even explain or imagine… for life is everything that IS.

Because life is so durable, it is always becoming new in some way. It takes form and turns itself into a moment out of time as the in-breath of divine intelligence pauses to allow the whole of everything to readjust, following your retreat into the abyssal-looking void of life after life. Then, just before the out-breath that is birth into form, the divine intelligence takes itself into the interiorness of what is to be the heart of a living being and resides there, pulsating its sense of self into the living, breathing being that you become for a time on this Earth. And so it is with other life-forms on other planets, in other dimensions where form is formless to your present understanding but physicality is in existence as a new and exciting idea for you to grasp as you train your inner senses on understanding what you are now becoming, yourselves. It is life that you are exploring, dear ones, and it is life that is exploring you. In this symbiosis is divinity found.

This is our state of being. This is what is fundamentally identical between you and us. It is this single fact of life that makes you and us into “we” and what will bring into the public third eye of your people the truth of who we are, and who you are as galactic people, as dwellers of a planet within a loving network of galactic civilizations, cultures, and ways of living. It is this that is what gives you as a people the edge of real survival in a world that is in the chaos of transformation and outward expansion in all aspects of its nature, and what will bring you into the realization that you are indeed not just creating your reality, but you have already etherically created it in the act of taking form and opening to the movement of the grace of divine intelligence through you unhindered by egoic constructs or outmoded and useless beliefs in the necessity of freedom from bondage or light versus dark in eternal battle. In fact, dear ones, there is nothing that is not light, there is nothing that is not good, there is nothing that is not free except your own perception of the truth of who you are. You are love incarnate. In this, there is no room for concepts of slavery or degradation to separate you from the essence of divinity which you are. These are tools which you employ for the growth of your understanding of love, and the time has come for them to be discarded in favor of other, more upgraded tools of spiritual envelopment of your mind in its quest for greater conceptual coherence with the unity of truth. Seeing yourselves as divine is the first and perhaps most important step in approaching this phase of transformative knowing. It is the only step, in fact, and the one that will bring you home.